ANIMALL offers businesses a single, Omni-Channel, Cloud platform for domestic, cross-border, and global trade to grow sales. ANIMALL Borderless Commerce integrates directly with customs agencies to smooth the flow of goods across borders while lowering the overall tax obligations for merchants in many cases. ANIMALL logistics offers services including warehousing, pick-pack-ship, and delivery for customers who wish to use our warehousing services. With a particular focus on Cross Border e-Commerce into mainland China, ANIMALL opens the door to largest e-Commerce market in the world.

ANIMALL's Borderless Commerce platform integrates directly with your business's existing ERP platform such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, SL, NAV, SAP and more. With Borderless Commerce ERP Connect all your customers, orders, invoices, shipments, pricing, and more will seamlessly flow between Borderless Commerce and your own ERP system. Don’t have an ERP system yet? No problem!

ANIMALL ERP Cloud works in the background to transparently support your Borderless Commerce Platform. If you decide to deploy ERP in the future either license users in ANIMALL ERP Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV or relink Borderless Commerce to your own cloud or on-premises ERP. Combining B2C, B2B, Retail, O2O, and e-Tail, merchants and traders of all kinds reach new markets while gaining productivity through sophisticated, yet easy to use, commerce tools.

ANIMALL Borderless Commerce is deeply integrated with Dynamics ERP/CRM and depends on Dynamics for inventory and invoicing while also synchronising customers, products, pricing, etc., between the organisation’s ERP/CRM system and the ANIMALL platform. ANIMALL supports Dynamics AX, NAV, SL, GP, CRM. Where customers do not have an existing ERP system, ANIMALL spins up a silent instance of Dynamics (NAV by default) and populates it with all transaction data from e-Commerce. Should the customer later choose to adopt ERP into the enterprise, they can simply license the Dynamics user licenses required and access Dynamics in the ANIMALL cloud or move their Dynamics ERP instance on premise or to Azure.

Because of the inherently multitenant cloud centric nature of the ANIMALL Borderless Commerce platform, our template based approach to ERP enables us to achieve deployment times in days, rather than months or years for traditional deployment models.

ANIMALL Borderless Commerce excels in three (3) key areas:


Unrivaled Experience

ANIMALL optionally provides merchants the ability to build their entire e-commerce experience into a single web page rather than the traditional approach of menus, and multiple links to HTML pages where customer jumps from page to page and using the back function in their web browser. In modern touch devices such as iPhones and iPads customer experience of scrolling is smooth because it uses the touch of the fingers rather than clicks of a mouse forward and back on hyperlinks. So an e-commerce website with tens of thousands of products can be easily navigated with the swipe of a finger flowing around, up and down the site. In the single page experience version of the ANIMALL e-commerce platform, customers never leave the single page interface but instead drill down into the products and expands more details of the products as they enquire more without leaving the single page and at anytime they can move away from that section and it will collapse.


Omni-channel, Retail, and O2O

Merchants who operate at both retail and online may wish to implement ANIMALL E-Commerce as there POS infrastructure using touch based devices in retail stores; this allows customers to browse the entire product offering not just whats in stock at retail. Also fimilarise the customer with the ANIMALL Check Out Processes which enables customers who leave the store to continue their shopping experience once they have left and the in-store purchasing experience becomes a training exercise for the e-commerce experience which the customers truly feels comfortable doing once they’ve left.



ANIMALL personalisation and themes allows consumers to fine tune and communicate with the platform what they're looking for on this visit. So, for an example a customer may be on your site to purchase a new expresso machine, but on a subsequent visit to the site, they're looking for replacement parts or coffee or filters or other accessories. So that visit should be focused on all of the great accessories they can add to their existing machine experience rather than bombarding them with offers for new machines when they just bought one. Personalisation and themes allows you to continue to use a single page website while offering tens of thousands of products because you're able to fine tune the experience of that visit by personalising that experience on that visit.